Have I overstayed?!

Not long ago, I wrote was was to become one of my most popular posts on reasons for not fitting in, here in Las Alpujarras, Andalucía....really of course my Spanish idyll, just tongue in cheek.

But what about when you have been here too long?

There are the 'signs', you know.....read on...!

  • You're at the market, and you think,
    ooh, that's a nice dress.
  • You punctuate everything with ......Que Rollo, and Claro ......but you're talking to an English speaker...
  • When you are happy to discuss all problems, openly, and the bank on Monday morning seems like a nice spot for it
  • You start to avoid the sun
  • Your 12 yr old decides she's going for a Paseo with her mates at midnight, and thats okay...
  • The salt police are but a distant memory
  • you stop wondering,
    how long has that sausage been cooked for?

  • A walk in the Campo means bringing back an armful of food
  • Pre dinner drinks at the neighbours house start at midnight
  • You look at a pig and mentally joint it up, licking your lips
  • Tapas are the new Hor d'oevres...but all you can think of is Russian salad and Tortilla....
  • And the really scary bit....
  • I've gone right off Baked Beans.