reasons for not-fitting-in

After 5 -and- a- bit years here in and still in love with the place....sometimes I ponder on the factors that will always make us stand out as alien beings.  There are certain alterations we have already made to lifestyle, diet, opinions even....but still the nagging details that ensure that we will Never Fully Fit In. Are you an expat? What do you think?

  • My husband sweeps outside and cooks
  • I prefer my chicken from the butcher minus the head and feet
  • The blood and guts from anything go in the bin
  • My floors are disgustingly filthy
  • We do not have the high table/sofa/loud telly living room arrangement
  • I make a crap Russian Salad
  • My Tortilla is always flat
  • I drink at the Bar
  • I order at the Bar
  • I watch Football at the Bar
  • I wear black when no one has died
  • after 5 years, we still say please and thank you
  • after 5 years, the iron is still in a removals box*
  • I wear flip flops when the beach is miles away
  • I wear flip flops in Winter
  • My dogs live inside
  • I shouted at the Mayor
  • The cat chooses to sit on the fridge
  • We have yards of books, not ornaments
  • Instead of a Blessing, a Hand of Fatima hangs on the door
  • I cook with 'foreign' spices
  • We eat curry
  • We grow things that you cannot eat
I could go on....this list marks me out as La Irlandesa, but mostly I am just Carol or La Rubia - the Blonde Bint - and apart from our misdemeanors we are fairly well the way, if you book the stunning Casa Duende, the floors will be shining!

*Re the iron- I did take it out once to iron on a transfer


  1. Ironing?? once a month because by then we've run out of pillow cases and there also maybe a skirt or jeans to do as well. Cooking Indian every week plus Mexican, Chinese etc...can't be eating arroz as much as they do and as for migas ....!! Give me flavour and spicy stuff please. We both cook - he's the curry specialist, I do the bahjis though. Clean chickens? - definitely. TV on all day? - no way.


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