Third Cousin Twenty Times Removed

There IS a God - I thought, albeit too briefly, as daughter sat in the Dentist's chair with her mouth open for three quarters of an hour.

"She should be uncomfortable to talk or eat for three hours. And...
That'll be just fifty quid"
, announced Jorge with a flash of an unnaturally white smile.
Merrily we handed it over, it's been a bit like that this week, €1400 was gleefully given to the Spanish Tax office yesterday, offered to the high altar of Spanish corruption.

All made worse by a preparatory drink in the bar the night before, a wee gin to soften the blow, only to watch Bárcenas smoke his fat cigar in 'prison', a mere 82 days for a fortune and a swindle.

There's a thought. I'd take the 82 days where he is and keep my €1400, but I don't have a choice. Wonder if they have WiFi in Spanish nick?

Anyway, I digress....back to the long  road home after the dentist.

B is coming for the fiesta from Granada, piped up Goofy in the back. And..... - now I hate it when she says 'and' because it normally proceeds verbal diarrhea minus any punctuation. At all.

And....she's bringing two friends up and I really really hate one of them I mean really really hate her.
 Silence. I looked around - perhaps the anesthesia was kicking in....fingers crossed....

Why? I tentatively offered...
Well, she went to London 'cos she had a Summer study course there and then she went to THE premiere - for the uninitiated this was the one day only One Direction Premiere - and then she sat down and guess what she was sitting beside THE best, bestest friend of a cousin an actual cousin imagine of Liam I can't believe how lucky I mean to actually sit beside them and then she got her photo tooken - lived here too long, fed up to the back teeth correcting it, pardon the pun - with HIM and then went paying football and everything and she has the photos to PROVE it so I really really hate her.

Three hours? Yeah, right.

Pic attribution wiki commons Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F009225-0007 / Müller, Simon / CC-BY-SA [CC-BY-SA-3.0-de 


  1. To my knowledge, the Spanish Tax office, not at all corrupt. Note that even though Jack the Ripper is British, the Spaniards do not think that all British are like him. Truth you understand me?
    I hope you and your family feel happy in my country.

  2. You must be related to Rajoy,Jesús. The entire government and it's office are indeed as corrupt as any other, so I imagine you are alone in your sentiment. Yes I am incredibly happy in your country, and I'm not actually British either! By the way the blog does have a British style or type of humour and is tongue in cheek in style, meaning light hearted. So, please cheer up!

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