More meat on a Good Friday..

..that was always the expression used while growing up for a skinnier than necessary person, or another was "Better to say there you are than where are you"...there was a line for everything!

Of course, yesterday was the real Good Friday. Years ago at home that would have meant - I guess still does - no meat, no snacking and absolutely no pubs open.

Well, welcome to Easter Spanish style!

We had an "inside day" sorting and throwing - and rediscovering - Stuff. I should mention we do not live a minimalist lifestyle and both Stan and I, and the kids, are hoarders and clutterers.  All of us have a deep aversion to clean houses with no Stuff, especially books.  Stan has been building a Moroccan style bookcase with seat in one of the living rooms here - I'll post a pic when I get the cushions -  and so we started sorting, one room led to another, which led to other places such as Under the Bed...(so that's where fluffy dustballs are made) *Dear God, please let my mother not read this post. (See, I do pray at Easter)

So with a great dusty thirst we headed to  Bar Pinche to partake of Gin  - for me - and Beer - for himself.  Being good parents we left the kids to tidy up the mess we had made.

Santa Semana brings visitors to our lovely Murtas, sometimes delighted discoverers, usually far flung families, a group of whom we knew fairly well so we joined them at the bar.  They were well on the happy road by then and the craic as we say was 90, *see, another one.
Whilst we were chatting  - and glancing at the omnipresent loud TV which was showing the Ku Klux Klan celebrations from around Andalucia -  one of the group complained the tapas wasn't up to scratch and left, only to return minutes later with home made raw links of salchichon, morcilla, and some chorizo, which he then proceed to slice straight onto the bar with his rusty penknife - hey we're all still breathing this morning.
 "Oi Pinche, he fondly called out for mein host - your tapas is shite ( only more Spanish, like - use your imagination ) put some of this on the Plancha..."

He did, and served bread - and it was delicious...

We rounded it off with an evening at one of their houses, a Casa Antigua, with home made wine - La Contraviesa in the happy Alpujarras is responsible for some of the best wine around - more bloody morcilla - literally - and tomatoes with lashings -Enid Blyton gets in - of salt and olive oil.  Yum. Mediterranean diet is good for your heart, remember?!!

I'll tell you this, if I could work miracles I'd happily change that wine into lots of water at this very moment!................Have a nice weekend all................

plancha - grill
morcilla - anis flavoured blood sausage
chorizo - well if you don't know by now...but please say chor-eeth-o
salchichon - regular fatty sausage with peppercorns


  1. Morning Miss Twhiplash. Have popped over from Twitter as directed. You seem fairly chirpy and eloquent after a night out on the morcilla. Sounds like a good night, but do please focus on re-hydration today.

    I note we have some things in common. Have lived in Kent, do live in AndalucĂ­a and also keep rabbits under the bed.

    Happy Easter


    Apologies for link drop but name/url not an option in your comments options

  2. So, extra unsafe on the mountain roads with all you guys driving from here to there...?

    Can't wait to see the moroccan bookcase and seat. I have a similar set up in my new apartment but designed by IKEA.

    When I get a BBQ for my terraza I shall be grilling up morcilla and chorizo and making all the neighbours jealous.

  3. Happy to have your link Bibs...!Do you also crave Gin on a regular basis? Lordy a doppleganger...

    Will post pics, he built it around a set in bookcase, put Gaudi-ish curvy shelves each side and a seat in the middle, just Ladrillos and Capafina, easy as icing a cake!

  4. Am finding it difficult to post comment, so fingers crossed this works. Sounds like you had a great night out on the sausages, hope your head's feeling better now. The Alpujarras is one of the areas of Andalucia I've wanted to visit for ages. One day...
    Like Bibsey, will plug my blog here as can't comment using my WP profile.

  5. Hello, you asked for a follow via Twitter so here you go...

  6. Thanks guys, Yes Fiona it is a stunning area, we're at the very 'untouristy' end! Do come and visit...

    Thanks for the follows, of course your links are welcome...Happy Easter!


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