So for me it was once all about the eggs and the end of lent, new clothes, a yellow ribbon in my hair, mass and family dinner. Halycon days indeed, now celebrated here in Spain, the Santa Semana processions that have taken place all week will culminate tomorrow amidst bell ringing, clear Spanish skies, and the church elite wearing their finest will parade even this little backwater carrying the cross.

One of several religious processions we see every year Easter surpasses even our Village saints day and other fiestas.   Brought up a Catholic in Ireland, I never thought to question our belief, and probably assumed that one holy apostolic church meant just that, even bringing in our pennies for the 'black babies' held no racist or uncomfortable thoughts. An education that began with the Presentation Sisters of No Mercy seemed quite normal in my green eyes!!

These days I'm the worst sort of Catholic, 2 children unbaptized, still making the occasional foray to the largest church in the Alpujarras for fiesta days because our daughter will be Reina or Dama again this year, and falling back on a word with God in times of need. 
So watching the local Canal Sur news clips this week from all around Andalucia and the heirarchy dressed amusingly in their KKK get-up, I wonder how the Irish  are feeling this weekend, how they marry the idea of a life in faith and the recent child abuse scandal within their Church? 
All we ask in life is to be able to keep our kids safe, and hope for a happy childhood for them along the way, that they respect other human and animal life, and are treated accordingly.
Lots of questions remain to be asked of Rome, the big one is how the hell did this treachery remain unspoken of for so long?  Whom exactly kept the blind eye focused on remaining so, for so long?

Will heads roll? 
I doubt it.

Peace be with you indeed.