From BB to CC, and a natural deodorant from LAVERA

We've all heard about BB creams, now it's the turn of CC.

What are they?

Colour Corrector Creams. You know, those red patches, uneven skin tone, and pigment spots that make us wish we had Photoshop in our handbags instead of just a bag of make-up. I have a scar just under my nose that's pretty visible, and I like to use a blur cream there to fade it out a little (Rosehip oil helps greatly too).

Last month I gave Lavera 8 in 1 CC cream a try. I found it a little bit drying to be honest, but a decent moisturiser corrected that. Otherwise it did a good job on my scar area, and evened out the redness that appears after the first glass of wine, or a walk in the fresh air. Living in the sun, I'm more than happy with the SPF 6, but only wish it was higher. There's a slight plumping effect as promised, which in turn left my skin feeling firmer. It's anti-ageing - always a great thing.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but the colour is a little dark for lighter skin tones, although perfect for me. £19.90 for 30ml.

The Lavera 8in1 Colour Correction combines anti-ageing care with a touch of foundation for a beautifully flawless finish. The cream moisturises the skin, while evening out the complexion and immediately disguising imperfections. Regular use visibly lightens pigment spots. Skin feels firmer and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.
SPF 6 protects against ageing of the skin caused by sun exposure.
8in1 effects: - Provides 24-hour moisturisation - Brightens skin - Covers imperfections - Reduces the appearance of pigment spots - Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles - Firms and plumps the skin - Protects against free radicals - SPF 6
100% natural ingredients from organic cultivation.
For all skin types.

NATRUE Certified - True friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Secondly, I tried (well, the whole family had a go) at the new Lavera Organic Orange and Sea Buckthorn Natural Deodorant. 

This was the stand out review winner for me this month. Green Tea and Witch Hazel act as the deodorizer agents, and it kept us dry and smelling as fresh as daisies. A pump spray- so no choking aerosol fumes - and a pretty glass bottle. The scent is fresh and fruity, light and not overpowering, this formula WORKS. It smells a little bit like marmalade :)

At just £9.95 it's a steal, it lasts ages, and I cannot wait to try out the other scents in the range. Suitable for everyone, it's neither girly nor masculine, it's just fresh and clean. Love, love, love.

This deodorant with organic orange and organic sea buckthorn provides long-lasting odour protection and freshness all day long. Valuable active ingredients such as green tea and witch hazel form part of the effective deodorising formula..
For normal skin types.
Free of aluminium salts
100% natural ingredients from organic cultivation.

NATRUE Certified - True friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics