Moisturising with Sukin Skincare

A review for Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream £16.28 and Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser £9.99 from Mypure Natural Beauty
Really in love with this Sukin range of skincare at the moment. Dry winter skin has been banished with the Night Cream, links above for you to buy. I've given both creams a good 2 week test to ensure a pretty concise review and I adore the result. 

"Enriched with rose hip, evening primrose and borage oils to promote elasticity and protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Suitable for all skin types.
Ideal for hydrating, replenishing, softening, nourishing & revitalising."

Yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin, or rather the blurb. I am a complete sucker for anything with Rosehip in anyway - and the resulting scent is divine, it's also economical and goes really far. 

The moisturiser is lighter, and comes in a pump dispenser bottle. At first, I was a bit miffed as too much came out, but I have honed it and I am able to squeeze exactly enough if I go slowly! I think a smaller pump would be better, but notice that it's the same size as the one on the body wash which I reviewed earlier, so the lid/pump is obviously the sustainable, eco and green choice  - which is more than fine with me. 

Now this is interesting, I wasn't sure whether to apply this moisturiser or eat it (which I guess is the same thing if it's going on your skin) ...just have a read of the list of ingredients:
"Enriching actives of kale, spirulina and parsley, combined with antioxidant rich acai and goji extracts for daily hydration that promotes a healthy glow.
A light weight daily moisturiser enriched with actives of kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley to promote a healthy looking complexion. Acai and goji berry extracts impart antioxidants to the skin while rose hip, avocado and jojoba lock in moisture.
A burst of cranberry provides an invigorating scent to refresh the senses.
Suitable for ALL skin types.
Perfect for hydrating, replenishing, softening, & nourishing"

Yep, we're happy with all that! Would I recommend it? Probably a little light for me, I need a bit of extra help in winter here in the mountains, but over one of my good organic facial oils it's a dream. (My daughter and her 17 yr old skin love it) Explore the range today, links are at the top - go on, you won't regret it.