Just lovin' Sukin - from Mypure

Christmas is getting closer - there always to be so much time to buy gifts and then like sand falling through fingers it's upon us - I am a bit of a last minute shopper anyway.

I know some of this will be on the gift list for friends though - it's the super Sukin Bodywash I received to try out last month from mypure.

Showers should be fresh and invigorating, and Sukin Lime and Coconut bodywash from Mypure does the job nicely! Just £13.22 too - it's fantastic value - we've all been using it and there's plenty left, so we'll be ordering more for Christmas stockings :) Looks great on the bathroom shelf too.
Here's the blurb:

Coconut and Lime aromatics combined with jojoba, avocado, and rose hip oils for a refreshing cleanse that will hydrate and soften. A sulphate free cleanser, enriched with refreshing coconut and lime to stimulate the senses in the morning or help revive a tired body.
Contains skin softening jojoba, avocado and rose hip oils to soften, hydrate and purify your skin.
Suitable for ALL skin types.

Have to say it works for us - and it's so nice to have a bodywash suitable for all skin types too, and one that's natural to boot is a bonus.

Sukin is a Melbourne based outfit, dedicated to natural and good for your skin products - you'll find real veggies and other good things in their products - here's an informative blog post about Sukin so have a read and get to now a little bit more about them! You'll be very glad you did - so will your skin.