Lavender Blue

I love Lavender.  Simple as that.  Far from it being the Old Lady choice of fragrance, to me it epitomises France, fresh fragrance, cleanliness, and is reminiscent of relaxing times - after all, what's a massage without Lavender oil?

So I was delighted to review two different Lavender infused body washes in July for Mypure, the natural beauty experts.

When can Lavender be improved?  When it's in a natural, organic  and Paraben-free product!

What did I order?

The products

1. A'kin Lavender Body Wash.  Buy it here.  Currently on offer for £12.60

A'kin Aromatherapy Lavender Body Wash - Lavender has been used since Roman times as a relaxing, neutralising and healing aromatic oil. The name is derived from the latin 'lavare' meaning to wash. This pure certified organic lavender is combined with the gentlest and purest skin cleansers to ensure your skin and mind will be refreshed.

2. Le Savoinnier Marseillais Body Wash with Lavender Oil.  By it here.  Also currently on offer for £11.25

Olive oil Savon Noir soap,regenerating ancestral care, used for centuries.
Natural shower with saponified soap made in a cauldron with olive oil, very gentle for the skin. 500ml bottle with dispenser pump cap making it easy to use and avoids waste. Lather, rinse and enjoy the pleasure of a Hammam bath, as though you were there! Creamy foam with exfoliating and nourishing properties for your skin.

Dermatologically tested
100% natural ingredients
Vegetable based
Suitable for all skin types

The Test

The Marseillais comes in a good 500ml round pump bottle.  Looks great on the bathroom shelf too.  The olive oil makes it a very rich wash, dark in colour with a good natural Lavender scent.  It did lather up quite well, despite having no chemicals.  It leaves skin quite squeaky clean, if a little on the dry side.

The A'kin body wash is in a pretty tall and round bottle, again not one to be hidden away!  A softer fragrance, good lather and great feeling on the skin, we all loved this one (You have to remember everyone wants to try these products, not just me!)  It's a firm favourite in the shower, and is lovely and relaxing with our night time showers, especially in this Spanish heat lately.

The Verdict

If I had to choose....then it would be the A'kin every time.  The scent doesn't last as long on the skin, but it is super lovely to use, and leaves skin so soft and moisturised - a clear winner for me.

Marseillais comes in a close second - but I think I prefer it as a hand wash.