BB brush and natural mascara review

How many chemicals are in your skincare or make up?
Really - have you looked?

If it's not safe to eat - it's not safe to put on your skin.

Make up is no exception.  Big brand names and pretty packaging (not to mention expensive advertising) delude us all into parting with our cash  - to end up adding chemicals into our bodies, by hook or by crook.

Mascara has always been a careful buy for me.  I only use it occasionally, and am really sensitive around the eye area - what seems like perfect make up usually ends up in Panda eyes by the end of the night and red ones the next morning.

I also have fair eyebrows, so black mascara makes me look like a 60's cabaret act.

Brown or brownish black it was then, when I placed a blogging order for last month at mypure.

I went for the Living Nature Thickening Mascara based on the blurb:

Subtle blackened brown for plump lashes and beautifully natural eyes. Living Nature thickening mascara uses halloysite clay to thicken lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. Highly acclaimed mascara in the 2010 2008 editions of the Green Beauty Bible.

It's not cheap at £21.00 a pop - I will say that.  But then again, how often do you buy mascara?  And, yes, it's good.  Nice little black tube with 10g of product, a really good brush.  Not thick, no clumps, and no irritation.  Even when I've indulged a little too heavily and forgotten to remove it before bed :)

Isobel likes it too - so I know where to find it.  Now that does irritate me.

Second product up for review was a BB brush from Eco Tools - my new favourite obsession. 
Created by Alicia Silverstone, these are soft bristle, recycled bamboo handled cruelty free  brushes that ooze quality.  They make application so easy, are washable and come in their own reusable pouches.  I love 'em.
The BB brush (£6.99 - bargain) is brand new, and a joy to use, applying foundation or BB cream into the contours of your face easily with the specially angled head.  It'll be around a long time.