Blushing...with Inika and Mypure's that time of year in Spain when a few hours outside make all the difference to skin.  Vitamin D is freely available during daylight hours - and we have been making the most of it, whether down at the coast or simply enjoying a long lunch in our tiny flower-filled garden.

And there's nothing like a healthy sun-kissed glow.  As I found out on a recent trip 'home' to the wet Emerald Isle, they all looked so pale!

So, evenings out (read a G&T at the local bar!)  mean sliding all that make-up into a drawer marked winter. All I need is a great moisturiser, a quick sweep of mascara, lipgloss, and a decent bronzer.

Hey - I was all OUT, luckily it was time to choose something to review from the lovely folk over at Mypure Natural Beauty...

Inika bronzer comes in 4 shades to choose from.  Now I'm a healthy colour, my skin is pretty tanned but I don't want to look like David Dickinson so I chose the lightest IK3010 Sunkissed.  I was glad I did - it's perfect.  It's way too dark for my lighter skinned daughter, so if you're pale - this is not for you. Unless you do really want to look like David Dickinson.

For me, Sunkissed is just right, and makes the difference between no make-up and a little touch of something, you know, when people say you look really well and you think, awww, thanks Mypure!

One more thing, it's £20.50 for a wee pot of 8g, but goes a long, long way. One dip covers all my face - so it's tiny enough to fit in my jeans pocket or a slim clutch-bag, and also very economical.  Win, win.

To apply, I also reviewed the Eco Tools Powder Brush which is probably the best brush I have ever owned.  Designed by Alicia Silverstone, completely cruelty-free bristles, soft and lightweight, this brush glides over skin and applies my bronzer perfectly.  Only snag is I keep having to retrieve it from my daughter's make-up box :).

They also do a designated bronzer brush but I (personally) prefer a smaller one.

Tempted to invest in more of the Eco-Tools range, so impressed am I...