Saving face...

Breakouts and spring are synonymous with teen skin, so my Mypure Natural Beauty blogging order last month was handed straight to Issey -  whose face reacts to even a planned visit to see the novio - her Spanish boyfriend.

She worries like crazy about her skin, which makes it worse of course - bring on the Spanish summer and days under the sunshine to clear it up...and give my ears a rest.

But until then, we have more miracles from Mypure.  Emollients and quick fixes for those weekend dates - another couple of wonder-discoveries for her - note to self, must re-stock for my nephew who is battling the same skin issues.  Who'd be a teenager, eh?

We recommend for your angst-filled teen the following mood-lifters:

Alva Rhassoul Balance Cream at £11.52.  (Currently on offer) Soothing and regulating, it did exactly what it said on the label, and reduced all the redness and irritation. Best applied AFTER a topical treatment like the Balance Me serum as reviewed below.

And the deal breaker - the one she LOVED was Balance Me Congested Skin Serum  currently on offer for £14.40.  (We love anything from this brand in our house) This soothed and calmed, but amazingly didn't dry out her skin at all - she used up the whole thing in record time so I guess it's an order from me...worth it for the instant results and happy kid.  Honestly, BUY it today - it's a wee miracle.