Time flies - and how it changes!

Hey, happy St Patrick's Day to you - wherever you sit reading this.  The sun is shining here in Andalucia despite the forecast to the contrary - mind you, it's often wrong.

A holiday in Ireland, that day of parades and wearing the green, a day of release from Lenten alcohol abstinence- was that only us? Did we make that up to suit ourselves?  Anyway, there'll be a river of Guinness gargled today, and the damp parades in Dublin will party on regardless of the weather.

Here at home in Murtas, I'll escape for a quiet drink tonight at the bar - it's also Patricio the owner's Feast day - an auspicious day all round.

For today, it's a bit manic - a ream of writing, and cleaning and cooking before the weekend, when Issey's many friends come to stay (think In-Betweeners boys with ferocious appetites). Monday sees Josh home from uni for Easter. *Must buy more food.

Stan is painting and spring cleaning - a far cry from the days when decorating meant a swan around Monsoon while a couple of tuneless-whistling men transformed the house.  Now it's definitely DIY :)

A new job tomorrow too (wish me luck) hopefully the training and trial period will be successful, perhaps today's luck of the Irish might rub off on me, eh?

And lucky we are indeed, we have good fortune, if you consider fortune to be happiness and health, and everything to look forward to.

  Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit.