Making up...

To win the heart of a teenage girl is not difficult - it's simply called bribery.

Isobel is not easily bribed though - it has to be something special that she really, really wants.

Thank you Mypure :)

At almost 16 (tomorrow!) she loves 1D, Ed Sheeran, cake, her friends - and make-up. She's getting pretty artful with the eye liner and likes a light coverage of a base foundation that's not too heavy, she only likes to have her cake and eat it, not have it covering her face.

So, in order to ensure those Instagram selfies are camera ready, it's got to be good stuff.
As her mother, I want her to use natural and organic make-up, and especially when it comes to the question of Kohl or Kajal, if it's going inside her eye line, I like to know it's not something pumped full of chemicals and nasties.

So, I handed her my review parcel this month. Here's what she got, and what she thought, over to Isobel:
Alva baked foundation in Light as I am quite pale.
Alva Kajal in Black of course!

I was excited when Mum said she would order me the make-up and eyeliner, I was already out of foundation and wanted some for the weekend :) When the box came, I loved the packaging of the make-up, a little black box perfect for my pocket or bag.It has a little silver elastic to keep it closed and stop it going all over your bag. It's kind of like between a liquid and a powder, it says baked powder foundation and goes on really easy. It covers well, and has a nice sheen, great for parties, but not heavy at all, I couldn't feel it on my face. The liner was great too, flowed easily on, I don't have to press it or go over it, it lasts really well. It doesn't make my eyes sting like some of the  other ones I have used. Better than the London look ;)
One thing I would have liked better, would be a thicker sponge applicator in the make-up box, I used my own instead of the one that came with it.
Overall, I loved both of the products and think they would make really nice presents for Christmas or stocking fillers for someone my age especially, you can never have too much makeup in your stash.  :)
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