Balmy days have disappeared

Here, life up-mountain has undergone that seasonal change again. The God of Spanish Mountain Weather has flicked the switch and balmy days and warm evenings are banished in a puff of fog and a breath of cold air, made to whistle around corners and through gaps in old chestnut doors.

Mats and rugs will be unfurled and aired next weekend, curtains hung, wood stacked.
The slow cooker is looking once again attractive, and salad shopping is firmly stopped.

Beauty too. Skin is looking different. Sun kissed blush replaced by drier areas around the nose, cracked lips and rough knees are all delights to look forward to.
But, Granny said prevention is better than cure so with that in mind I ordered some preventative measures in the form of Mypure Natural Beauty to blog about this month.

For Stan, a daytime moisturiser (which, yes, I'll have to keep nagging him to remember to use) Pacific Daily Moisturiser was the right choice, a light and easily absorbed burst of moisturiser to keep from looking like some of the weathered locals around here :) It's also suitable post-shave for less beardy blokes and a big plus is that it's fragrance free. It's on special offer too at the moment, just £7.19 for 89ml and free UK delivery - remember that a little goes a long way. Stocking filler idea??

Trilogy Everything Balm seemed to have a name to cover it all - so when the pretty little tin arrived we (as Isobel is at the age where 'what's mine is hers' ) opened it up to find a solid balm encased, with a pleasant smell too. It's fab, lips, heels, knees, elbows, it works a treat. It melts upon contact with a warm hand. Night-time slathering of heels results in feet less trotter-like and more human by morning. Wish I had discovered this in time for sandal season - there's always next year....if I can find it - I have a feeling Girl Teen's room is the pace to look!

Price: Just £20.50 with free UK delivery and it lasts and lasts.

The blurb says:

Use me everywhere.........nourishing and protecting for face and body........soothing dry, chapped skin..........softening, smoothing and moisturising.........lip conditioning........cuticle care.........melting massage oil..........ideal for the whole family.........perfect for travel...........the possibilities are endless!!!

Skin loving rosehip, marula, coconut and jojoba oils nourish. Manuka honey, pawpaw and echinacea promote healing while antioxidant vitamin E helps to protect.