Flaming June

Choosing words carefully

Well, flaming wasn't the first adjective that came to mind, but it did begin and end with the same amount of letters.

You make your own luck, that's my mantra. Smile, look on the bright side, you'll be happy. Look for work, you'll find it. Get a streak of good luck, then pay it forward. Karma, yup, it's there, watch out. But by God I must have been bad in a previous life. At least so June tried to tell me....

An official signed for letter at the beginning of the month meant a depletion of the coffers, another one from the delightful office of Hacienda came to one of my employers, so any plans of hooting it up for my birthday were washed away.

Just a number?

Ah yes, the big 5-0. Actually, it really is just a number, I'm sure I'm only 23, and I figured that as long as the people who really knew me didn't send me cards with that half century red flag all over them, I'd be grand.

Cue the entire stock of Hallmark 50-emblazoned cards, delivered directly to me. I'll just sit and wait for the Saga offers.


Then Anklegate. A small  - sober - sprain, a mere twist of my Father's inherited double joint, not even a decent  fall, and I was immobilised - for FOUR weeks. An X- Ray, a malicious manipulation of my cankle by a mincing medic at the health centre that doubles as an interrogation centre, and no bones broken...the fecker still crippled me yanking and twisting the foot around.

Go and get plastered he instructed.

 Following his advice to the letter, I bought a bottle of Beefeater and went home. We postponed the longed-for coastal weekend away.

My MIL arrived for a week. To be honest, she was no trouble - and she reads this. :P


Then the saddest part of all - our Trixie, rescued and spoiled madly for the past 6 lovely years, died after an operation. She was old I know, but of all the things that June brought, I really wasn't ready for that. I know, I know, there are worse things, but sometimes it really doesn't feel that way. In her few golden years here, she gave us more pleasure and loyalty than any 2 legged or 4 legged creature I have ever known. Undershot, crooked legs, yellow hair the same shade as mine (!) and a heavy snore - all missed so badly. Thanks to permission from Cliff, she now lies under the shade of an orange tree on his land, buried with mingled snot and tears, but with the best views on the Contraviesa, and I can still have a chat as I weed and water the Huerto.

Do you know the way...?

We had the postponed San José weekend, and now July is here: deep breath, tear away the last month with relish from the calender  - moving on up...and wishing you all luck and love for the hot Spanish summer ahead. <3 br="" nbsp=""> Glossary:
Huerto - market garden
Hacienda - robbing feckers


  1. Hi Carol, thanks for making me smile, it seems that this is the time for the Tax Authorities to strike, where ever we might be! ;)

    I was sorry to read about Trixie, they become members of our family, whether we like it or not, it is nice to know you found a nice spot for her final resting place.

    As for the big 50, I don't know what you were worrying about, I am heading for the next milestone, and I don't give a damn, I certainly wouldn't want to be 23 again, so I will make do with my lot!!

    1. Hi Phil, hope you're well across that deep ocean - and thanks for the kind comments xx


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