Deep cleaning with Mypure

Cleaning up

No, no, I haven't turned over a new leaf and decided to become housewife of the year, come on, is that really likely?!

This time of year, with lazy days on the beach looming around that lovely corner, I decided to order up a deep cleansing masque from Living Nature via Mypure Natural Beauty.

Ordering is fuss-free, with a confirmation email in minutes, and an easy to negotiate website, which looks great on any device as it does on your home PC.

Living Nature

I chose Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask, and always one for a bulk buy, this one has 10 individual sachets for just £27.50, so 10 times the treatment should last 2-3 months.

Application is easy, just smooth onto clean skin, the blurb on the site is just about spot on. When dry rub it off with an upwards sweep of the hands and rinse of with clean water.

  Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask combines Halloysite Clay with Manuka essential oils and Totara Extract to deeply cleanse and refine pores, leaving skin balanced and wonderfully soft.


Did I mention spots? This is perfect for anyone with acne prone skin too. so Issy tried it out on her back and shoulders, which suffer in the winter and spring with outbreaks.  It cleared things up nicely.  Friends Lynne (Dry skin) and Lester (Oily to Combo skin)  each took home a sachet, so I'll let you know at a later date what they thought of the mask and the results! A multi use packet - robbed yet again!

Free gift 

If you buy it now, there's a special offer of a Gift with Purchase, I received a Living Nature Manuka Honey Lip Balm as a welcome and lovely gift, just right for packing onto my pocket for the beach, and will help to allay the drying effects of the sea breeze and salty air. Up in the mountains where we live too - dry mountain air is great for Jamón Serrano but not so good on the lips! The balm retails for £11.00.

Coming up..

Next month I'll be reviewing sun creams - natural and organic ones from Mypure of course, have you looked at what is in yours? Sometimes a lot of chemicals as well as SPF - look again, you're better off with organic and natural from Mypure Natural Beauty.