Mypure saving sanity

Teenagers. I have two. Issey is 15...there, with just 7 words I have struck fear into your hearts.

So I have a normal teenage daughter then!

All smiles

Last week, she came in smiling - a rare treat - and excitedly asked if she could open 'the box'.

The Box...our Mypure Natural Beauty Box, a monthly treat to rate and review.

What did we order?

Old tricks

If there's one thing we should all teach our daughters, it's the age old tip to moisturise. Isobel has tried the Yes To range before, the Tomato one and loved it, but at her age every day seems to bring a change in her skin, so we tried the Yes To Cucumbers for her, and Yes to Blueberries for me.

Spot the difference

Yes to Blueberries is for older skin, so perfect for me. Living in our place in the sun requires buckets of moisturiser, and organic and natural is the only choice I'm happy with. 
Soft and creamy, with a heady fruity scent and easy glide on and absorption. Light enough for under the eyes, dense enough to last all day. My skin is feeling fresh and smooth after a week's trial of Yes To Blueberries. I think I'll re-order and use it for the whole summer.

Yes to Cucumbers was the real revelation, though. Spots are the current teenage plague, flaring up at all the wrong moments for poor Issey - and ruining her day, which ruins our get the picture! We live in the sun, and while summer rays clear up her skin problems, spring is a curse, when everything seems more antagonised.

So what did she think?

She LOVED it. Besides Yes to Cucumbers being kind, leaving her with soft and moisturised skin and smelling light and fresh - a miracle happened. The spots cleared up. Gone. Even the nastiest ones were calmed and soothed...and it took only a week of regular use. She has even started to use it on her back and shoulder - with the same miraculous results. We - did you hear that? - WE are happy. And smiley. And peace has been restored.

How long will it last?

Where's that Mypure website....