Snakes alive, St Paddy has departed

So that's St Patrick's Day out of the way - and a chance for our collective liver to rest awhile. We headed to Bar Pinche - well, there's nowhere else! - and were intrigued, not to mention delighted,  to see a shiny Guinness pump placed on the bar. On second glance we could see it wasn't actually a pump at all, but an electric machine of much magic.

Inma and Patricio (A Paddy by any other name) had stocked up on Surge Guinness, a new one for me.
It's a pint of the black stuff in a can, poured flat and then the glass is placed on the machine. That's plugged in and then a miracle happens. A surge of power wobbles the glass and the black stuff erupts like a volcano to form a creamy head and a pretty decent pint.

 Should St Patrick himself have dropped into the bar last night he couldn't have done it better.

As we sat and enjoyed it, armed with our free silly hats, Salvador rolled up.

Eyeing the machine suspiciously, he cleared his throat and asked what it was.

- It's beer, Inma answered, from Carol's pueblo 
-Yep, black beer.
-Black beer? For real? What does it look like?
-For jaysus sake, would you look, they're drinking it...(or something like that)

He looked at us wide-eyed.

Mother of God, I thought you had pints of Bombón Coffee.

The good news is that nobody else really likes the stuff, so with small regret I'll have to reduce supplies all by myself. :)


  1. Never heard of it! Must get hold of some...

    1. A first for me too, but a damned good pint all the same. :)

  2. Now that's a cutting-edge Guinness. And this was in a small bar in a remote town?

    1. It's lovely Josh. Yup 1115 metres up a mountain, middle of nowhere. :) Paradise just gets better.

  3. 'tis a weird looking device - but if it works, hey, I'm in for a pint!


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