Another My Pure parcel :)

Another My Pure parcel for me.
 Maria our post lady is getting curious about all of these boxes addressed to me, reviewing is a super way to try out goodies and treats, I love my job!

I ordered a new moisturiser, but as it' s July, officially mercury rising month, I opted for one with a high SPF, sun protection factor.

My Pure have a good range of beauty products with SPF built in, you'll be glad you did as the years roll on!
Have a browse of their site, there's always loads of special offers and freebies there too.

Their stuff is Eco friendly, even the packaging, you'll love it.

What did I get?

Lovea Organic 50 SPF £17.99 for 50ml
Here's the blurb:
Lovea sunscreens are certified organic and come with HIGH UVA/UVB ratings.  They exceed the toughest E.U rules on SPF protection.  Not only that they’re made from gorgeous natural ingredients which protect & feed your skin.
Lovea SPF 50 Daily Face Cream is an Ecocert  organic daily moisturising sunscreen, it provides maximum protection against skin ageing.  The smooth texture of this SPF 50 cream penetrates quickly and the pump action pack delivers just the right amount of product, it is lightly scented with Tahitian Monoi leaves 
Lovea SPF50 Face Cream is water resistant and packed full of anti-ageing ingredients such as Argan Oil, the new formula can be worn under make-up or just on its own at the beach.  

Lovea is coral safe and contains natural mineral sun blocks combined with certified organic, bio-degradable plant extracts. It does not contain any chemicals which can damage coral reefs...
And me? I'm delighted with it, it does go a long way though, the recommended teaspoonful would whitewash the house, just a smidgen is plenty for coverage that really lasts, it's an excellent hydrating moisturiser as well as all the other benefits.

Still on the same theme, am ordering up some suncream for the kids, they seem to live at the village pool this time of year, and why not?
Also some hydrating conditioner for my sun damaged and bleached out locks, read all about it, right here, in a couple of weeks!

Enjoy the sunshine safely, folks.