My Pure to the Rescue!

My daughter is 14. That is probably enough information for anyone with one of their own!   The horrors of early teens bring fits of laughter and crying - sometimes at the same time - growing pains, and of course, that realization on waking up that her life is just about to end- because there's a new SPOT.

It's not to be easily dismissed - her equilibrium is pretty delicate and a shade off balance most days, a red angry eruption is enough to put us all in bad humour!

But, of course, I am Magic Mum - didn't you know? - and have my resources!  My Pure to the rescue, that wonderful team of wand wavers that supply organic and pure beauty products for me to review, so without further hesitation, last month's untimely break out saw me reach for the keyboard and order Yes, To Tomatoes.

No , I haven't gone a little crazy myself, Yes to Tomatoes is a range of products packed with antioxidants, and yes, tomatoes.
Dead Sea Mud, Lycopene, Organic ingredients - tomatoes, watermelon and red tea,  all part and parcel of the range.
We ordered the Daily Clarifying Cleanser - 8,99 - and the Daily Balancing Moisturizer - 14,99 - and gave them a shot.

A week of daily application and, yes, she still has spots, but they're not as angry as before, and neither is she.

The cleanser is a mild one, great for young skin, and smells pleasant. There's a stronger scrub, along with other products in the same range, ideal for younger skins.

The moisturizer is light and absorbs easily, quite liked it myself, so I would say that it suits most skin types, although it states for combo-oily skin.

It's also no bad thing to get her in the habit of cleansing and moisturizing now, at 14, a good habit for life.

Now, wonder if My Pure do ear plugs?!