Celebrate with Cava and Personalised Champagne Flutes

A party in mind?

Got something worth celebrating?  Of course you have! Perhaps you're planning a romantic surprise proposal, have passed your driving test, or are about to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary?
Everyone has something to celebrate at sometime in their lives, but how can you make it a more personal, individual occasion to remember? A really special occasion such as a wedding requires a special gift. Not just special, but a personal gift too – something to crack open.

Mark the occasion

Perhaps you really want to mark an auspicious occasion, and have a permanent reminder as a special souvenir?
Before you can say 'Cheers!' there's a solution right under your nose – and that's just the bubbles!

 The perfect solution

What's the answer?

  To simply celebrate in style - with a bottle of bubbly, quality Cava and some personalised Champagne flutes. An elegant way to say 'I do'- or even, 'I did it!',

 A date to remember

Make it a truly special occasion, and a date to remember with stunning glassware. Choose from simple yet classic plain flutes, to elegantly blown designs. There's a huge range and a superb array of designs to choose from to suit all sorts of tastes - even Champagne tastes! - when you select some personalised Champagne flutes. All maybe engraved with your special personal details or message - a true keepsake for a loved one, for an extra special gift idea. One that lasts, and lasts.

 One of a kind

Just think, yours can be a one of a kind, original and totally different engraved personalised Champagne flute glass set – you won't find anything like it on the high street.
Nothing says celebrate quite like Champagne, and some of the best sparkling wine in the world is from Spain.  Spanish Cava is predominantly produced in the Penedés region, in Catalonia, in the north of Spain, and is renowned worldwide as being of excellent quality. If you like, a little bit of Spanish sunshine in your glass!
SO next time to want to raise a glass of Cava and say cheers, say Salud instead!

 Just for you

To give the best possible gift, why not  also personalise a bottle of Cava? Imagine the expression on the face of your loved one as they open this well thought out gift. Enjoy this celebratory drink from some engraved Champagne flutes.
Your gift will be well received – something original for the person who has everything perhaps?
Mark a special occasion, a birth, a wedding, a birthday, or that special anniversary. Perhaps you're the Best Man, the Bridesmaid, the Godparent?
Give a gift that says, hey, thank you for inviting me.
Have the date engraved as a keepsake – you'll never be able to say that you forgot that anniversary again! Set it in stone – or rather glass – and give your loved one some personalised Champagne flutes.
 After all, it's your gift too!

The gift that stays with you

And after the Champagne has been quaffed and enjoyed, those engraved Champagne flutes will always be there, in pride of place, to provide a permanent reminder of your special day.
Sparkling, fizzing, celebratory bubbles, served from sparkling and engraved Champagne glasses – nothing says it better!


  1. Personalized champagne flutes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Toasting wedding flutes do not have to be just plain glass. Painted wedding glasses can add so much to the day, making great keepsakes for after the event.


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