A ' Sign ' of the Times. Loaves and Fishes?

I suppose literally so.  A sign went up in the panadería last week informing the public that a kind donor had paid in advance for 2 months worth of bread, that most basic of foodstuffs.  The prospective recipient, unable to afford bread, can then receive it gratis.

  Talking about it at home, we wondered who the person was that performed the kind act, the kids guessing different names.
  So and so?, no way, not them, way too Fascist, not her, too tight etc.

I suppose we really should have been asking ourselves who the person might be who needs such a basic food. Perhaps we can help them.  A lot of people here seem to live, literally, on the breadline.

 We find it financially very tight, especially recently, with the reintroduction of our Autonomo fees and Social Seguridad.  Added to the mortgage and the ever growing overdraft it's not ideal! For those not in the know, Autonomo and SS indicate that's to be self employed, with the benefit of the Spanish health service.

Probably the most expensive health service in Europe I might add - please correct me if you feel I am wrong.

So, no holidays, treats, new clothes or spending for the foreseeable future.

But, we have a full fridge, and a warm home. We're healthy. We are also grateful for the generosity of neighbours: barely a day passes with a bag tied to the door, vegetables, wine, even a warm leg hacked from a slaughtered goat - bleugh!

Buried at the bottom of the freezer are a couple of Goat legs and a rack of Wild Boar ribs - perhaps some day we can create a Heston Blumenthal style dinner!

Even those that seem to have nothing are always prepared to share what they have, generosity of spirit.

Easter was a long lunch with our neighbours and their extended family, followed by dinner with more neighbours the next day.  Although some days it's hard to feel secure, we always feel lucky with the friends we have made, and the life we have chosen - here in our corner of Spain.

 The one thing we can spend freely, are great times and good company.