Can you feel that?

Can you? That slight but still noticeable change in the weather? Just this week.  Yes, the fire is still crackling away in the evenings, and indoors is still like a cold room in a meat packing factory - but there's that tell tale hint of Spring on the way. Our Orchids have started to reappear along the lovely walking tracks just yards from our front door.

 Just this morning, Facebook friend from 'over the mountain' Victoria Tweed - have you read her books? - spotted an early Swallow.  I'll keep a look out - the same family returns to our terrace year after year, I love their chatter with rolling throat sounds, as though they have flown from Africa armed with all the gossip. Tame too, they'll sit just centimetres from my head as I sip an early cup of tea, with the morning mist draped across the mountains like a gossamer shawl.

Been a busy few weeks.  Back on the Autonomous system means creating more work to pay for it. House and garden care, writing, ebay-ing and guests of course all help, budgeting for food and no treats for the forseeable future - we've done it before and will just have to manage.  Just need a self help book on living on fresh air...!

Our month long guests have departed - in the leaving sense, although if I had known the amount of mess they created I might have inflicted something else on them! Shame really, they were lovely people but I guess it's what happens when you run a holiday home.  Hot on their heels were 3 lovely ladies from Seville to the freshly steamed clean and primped CASA DUENDE. They loved it and vow to return as soon as they can, and we're booked both for Easter and a week afterwards in April, so all good there.  We keep standards high and prices low in an effort to keep it leased out as much as possible, it works.  A percentage of all profit goes back into renovation each time - that way it always looks good.

Stan has a new Facebook page for his ebay collectables, a few more likes would be great, so if you feel like sharing I'd be grateful - I'll buy you a beer next time I see you! Click here to see it, you need to hit the SHOP icon at the top of the page once you're there. If you feel like buying anything, even better! The hard sell, eh?!

This weekend is St Paddy's, so we'll have to wet the shamrock and have a couple of beers here tomorrow.  It's also the rally - which starts today in Ugijar, Josh is a steward, he'll be the one in dark glasses even if the sun isn't shining, as he had an eye injury this week and doesn't need anything else flying into it.
Tomorrow the rally speeds on to Murtas, so the craic should be mighty in the bar for Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

Wherever you are, whoever you're with, have a great St Patrick's day. Hang on, I'll send a little Irish luck your way...there, did you catch it? x


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