Chasing tails - welcome to Fawlty Towers.

January started with a bit of a cough and splutter, not quite a bang.  But we are getting back to normal - and I have successfully passed any diseased airborne virus on to Stan.
Monday we worked in Casa Duende, a few repairs and a bit of plumbing.  Nothing major...ha.

Sitting here on Tuesday, just about to commence a blog for and as I screwed up my ever decreasing eyesight to glance at the date on the screen, I realised it was the 29th.

The 29th??!!

Holy, that wasn't what I said. I jumped up, and ran like a bat out of hell to Casa Duende.  Why?

Guests have booked for 1 month - fantastic in February - and they were on their way, with their 2 well behaved dogs,  driving down via a stopover in Madrid.  But we had planned for Wednesday, not Tuesday.

Normally, this would be no problem, but on Monday we had decided they would be warmer if we moved the wood-burner out of the enormous, heat sucking chimney and put in in a central position.  Also, the bit of plumbing needed actually involved taking out a wall and bypassing an existing pipe, picture the plaster, rubble,dust,holes in walls.

 The garden was covered in a thick layer of rubble and dust, we had 4 hours.

Makeover in 60 minutes has nothing on us.  We had to laugh our way through it - or cry. Like the A team we shot into action and by 12:40 pm it was all done , dusted and perfect.  Cement, capa-fina, polish and paint were applied - perfect.

Except for one small plumbing part.  Ah.

No, you can't run to the hardware store.  A 70 km trip there and no joy - every size part but the one that we wanted...

Like Basil and Sybil Fawlty, we jumped up and down again and hopped in the car en route to Roquetas, leaving Issey with the key and instructions for the guests not to use the hand basins in the kitchen or bathroom.

We managed to locate said item at Brico in Vicar, 200 km round trip, and dashed back, they had arrived just 5 minutes before.

We met Tabi, who was overjoyed at being here, and thrilled with the house.

  She wasn't too green either, the altitude usually gives us a bit of a giggle when people arrive for the first time.

Helping her carry some of her luggage, we followed her in armed with the missing bit and a spanner, to be met by her other half, in a panic and frantically mopping up the swimming pool on the floor.  Yep, he had turned on the tap. 

Stan fixed it while we mopped and made introductions, shaking hands and paws,  I lit the fire which then smoked out the room - we did have a laugh.

She's a vet, taking a month out to walk, read and relax, he's a musician, taking a month out to write and make music.

Yet again, we seem to have hit the jackpot with nice  folk - as always - let's hope they love it here as much as we do!