Season changing

Now, it must be nearly time to light the fire! We hold off as long as possible as when we light it, we need it!
Spain can be a cold country, here at 1114 metres above sea level it can be positively mind numbing, confused and lulling you into false hope by the warm days  - I did move here for sunshine, right?!

It's been raining too, we have been mushroom hunting, there are loads of varieties out there, probably not all of them toxic, but not worth the chance!
Our neighbour cooked some delicious Setas for us last week - a splash of his own wine to make the sauce...fed by the village yet again! Antonio has supplies a huge bag of Caqui, I need to put them in some sort of receptacle today with a glass of brandy to take away the astringency, so another job for today.

Isobel has been trovo-ing with her castanets, a chance encounter with the best of the old boys last weekend at the house of Alberto and Ana, our friends from Seville. A foot tapping, wonderful evening...

Alberto is an anthropologist and has written about these Andalucian musicians in a beautiful book entitled Trovodores de Repente, his full name is Alberto del Campo Tejedor, and it's a stunning book so buy it if you see it...

Writers hat off this weekend, builders (hard) hat on...cold work but necessity (ie money!) always prevails! 

It's been a long week, 6am starts and 7 days a week, but hopefully the rain will have dumped a good heavy white overcoat on the magnificent Sierras and the 'office' will take on its best Winter face, we live in such a stunning lucky we are....Have a nice week everyone, and take care on those roads.x