¿Tienes Cyanide?

Whilst in Cádiar this week - watch out for the Feria of Wine coming up - I paid a visit to the Pharmacy for my usual monthly Pill Fill - the ones that keep me sane and stop me from looking like a blimp....Blood pressure and diuretics.

Stan went off to the newsagent - we said we'd meet up after for a coffee, no beer for me, way too early.

A really long wait behind a local lady then my turn - by this stage a looonnng queue had built up behind me - the usual line of the Black Stockinged Brigade.

The assistant there, although a little robotic, is very nice, she loves to practise her English. Great, but I need to practise my Spanish.

-Quiero Atenelol cincuenta y higrotona cincuenta por favor
-ceertanelee, aneetheeg elsay?
-no, gracias, solo las pastillas
-I ave just what jew need señora - She gazed wistfully at my scalp

Pushing my pills into my hand, she grabbed me forcefully by the arm - like a nun taking a wayward child to the head office -  and propelled me through the now crowded shop. We stopped at a display of grey boxes.
-here we be, I telling you thees is for jew *triumphant look

What was it?


Before serum, shampoo, conditioner, after serum, pills - all shoved into my arms

-do not be preoccupied senóra, iss normally for thees time of year - *robotic smile

That awkward moment, the crowd held their breath...

-er, no estoy interesado.....hoy...pero gracias. Hasta luego - *not

I gently shoved everything backinto her arms, and backed out of the shop full of movie extras from the Wicker Man.  Red face moment.

Stan waiting by the church in the Plaza.

-ready for that coffee?
-make it a beer....Stan...does my hair look a little thin this morning?


  1. Thanks for that Carol, I will be chuckling all day now! I can just imagine your face ha!ha!

    1. Glad I made you laugh Phil - took me a while to see the funny side! Hope you are both well all the way over there....we are expecting snow this week, possibly Wednesday.Take care mate - x


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