Long time no write

It has been quite some time...
Not strictly true, I have been soooo busy doing other stuff, and we have been madly socialising - so there will have to be an imminent detox and time set aside for catching up on blogs and webpages before the start of the looong Summer break and madness and mayhem ensues at home.

I passed another birthday earlier this month, but sure it´s only a number..albeit a bigger one....feeling healthy, and happy are the only things we should worry about.  The Summer arrived here on the lower Alpujarras with a bang - like flicking a switch,  everything heated up overnight and the snow started to magically disappear from the Sierras.   Summer nights bring the village alive - like so many Spanish pueblos the neighbours love to socialize - we seem to have picked a village where enjoyment and laughter are the prominent genes!

Our Santa Cruz May fiesta kicked off the party season, hot on the procession heels came the annual Communions.  5 kids this year which meant 4 parties (1 set of twins) with 200 guests or so at each shindig.  We were invited - along with the other remaining Murtas foreigners namely Pete, Carole, Annick and Fred- to one of the events which lasted all day from the Misa to the venue where we ate a years worth of food an an ocean of drink in a day....whew!

Between landscape gardening and building projects, internet selling,  with a lot of writing too, we have never been busier and have taken to delegating work! - we managed to squeeze in other kids birthday parties, BBQ´s, bodega nights, street parties, long lunches with friends, away days and of course....Euro 2012.  Spain v Ireland saw the world and his wife here in our house, we shouted, screamed, they cheered and I cried.....

A garden party at a friends house last night was the latest in a long line of humid but happy gatherings.....there´s nothing like music, singing, silliness and good company for spirit food!

This morning we headed to the Adra rastro which ......wasn´t on - and Sundays being sacrosanct nothing else was open - so headed back home. Summer Holidays are nearly here - Isobel expressed this morning a wish to learn to sail - high hopes,she has her eye on a yacht I think! - so I hope our friend Sandrina in La Manga is reading and fancies a house guest....!

But the Med was sparkling this morning, an azure blue if ever there was one - and the sky here in our little pueblo is clear and high and bright - happy days!


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