A `Tail' from the Alpujarras - Lost Paws

We all know the feeling when we see a too thin dog or cat on the side of the road - many a weekly grocery shop has been opened up and distributed to a bag of bones unused to kindness - but sometimes that's all you can do to help....

However, a charity for rescued animals has recently started their good work here in Las Alpujarras - but to succeed they really need YOUR help too - and now. Read on and share....thank you....

Lost Paws would rather not wind up as a Lost Cause - and you can help to make it work.

What is it?  Well, let Tina take up the story....

Tina, what are your aims?

Our first aim is to act as a point of contact for the people of the Alpujarras who find themselves with a lost or abandoned dog/puppy to offer them a kind of life line when faced with not being able to say no or turn it away, someone they can turn to so that they don't feel lumbered with another dog that they don't want and can't afford.
We put the animal's details up on our page on Facebook and hope that someone somewhere can offer the dog a loving and safe foster/permanent home. 

Our other aim is to make people aware how important it is to get their dogs spayed or castrated, the problem of unwanted dogs is not going to go away on its own, one huge factor is probably money, but I also think ignorance plays a part, for each and every dog that we have taken in over the last four years we have raised the money usually by doing car boots and then going to a vet and saying that we have an abandoned dog, we still need more money, so it's important that the car boots are well supported.

Where can folk find you at the Car boots? 
  •  Orgiva first Sunday of the month, 
  • Castell De Ferro second Sunday of the month
  •  Cadiar third Sunday of the month (Pagamenos)
What else can we do to help?

With regard to needs from the general public, these would be a network of foster carers who we could call in an emergency for short term foster care and long term foster homes.
 We need Bric a Brac, Odds and sods, bits and pieces for car boot sales, or to become a `forever friend' to individual dogs (sponsors in other words).

 We stipulate that every dog is spayed or castrated.

As soon as finances allow we see to this procedure, it would be irresponsible of us to leave this to the new owner.

What happens to the dogs in your care?

  From the moment we take in a dog, training begins immediately, whether it be to build trust and confidence to obedience to teaching them tricks and how to play. They are not rescued and then left to their own devices, we work hard to get a well balanced and stable dog for any new owner that comes along and I am proud to say that we have had fantastic feedback.

Can we do anything else?

Facebook is fantastic - when you see a post from us or a picture, just please press the share button, it costs you nothing and means a lot to a dog if because you shared the picture, that animal was adopted.

Finally, how can we contact you?

EMAIL US tinaallum@msn.com
TELEPHONE US 951 192 713


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