Creamily delicious!

Another box this month from My Pure - what did I order to review?

I felt like my skin needed a treat - a boost - so picked up the beautifully packaged travel sizes of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from Living Nature Gifts.  It also included an anti wrinkle serum and a night cream in sample sizes. I chose for dry and mature skin, well, I guess I am getting older - but sssh don´t tell anyone!  
The package would make the best gift  - it arrived in a little black pouch which rolled out to expose the goodies within.
Free from sulphates and other nasties, the cleanser was fresh and light, the toner zingy but kind and the moisturizer rich but free from any heavy or tacky feeling....the serum was a flax firming lotion, felt lovely.  On two occasions I was complimented on my skin over the weekend - coincidence? I think not - it really did feel better....and all girls love a compliment!
The little sample of Night Cream I farmed out to my neighbour - because I just never remember to do anything sensible late at night - she loved it and went straight to the site to browse the other products...
Nearly forgot, the whole set including the samples and the excellent bag is priced at just GBP28.00 - a bargain!    Go buy!