A peek inside...

A lovely week last week with our Scottish guests, Ailsa and Archie - who enjoyed our corner of Real Spain and promise to return soon...they loved the generosity of the locals and the socializing Sundays.

Living here means supporting local business, and while teabags might mean a trip to town, you can find almost anything you want right here in  Murtas, we have a butcher, a baker and even a candlestick maker!
Although, it´s not always straightforward!
A garage might actually be a bodega - in fact they all are! - and a trip to the butcher usually means whatever meat you want will always be available tomorrow, meanwhile you can pick up a bottle of bleach or a few potatoes, the organic local honey from her sister in law is to die for...the baker is good for ordering dog food, chicken feed and eggs, he does a line in potatoes too!
The pharmacy dispenses advice, flea collars and Frontline.

The grocery shop sells shoes, and whitewash is always available under the counter...
Local vegetables, wine and wild food comes free with a smile, delivered to the door.

The police station is for lost passports, and once a year in October for serving the whole village free beer and food from the fully stocked bar under the station!

Living here means discovering all of these delights, I never fail to be surprised by those who choose to go coastal for everything because it´s easier to not ask! Dumb in more ways than one!

In the nearest town last week, I was looking for somewhere for clothes alterations: I found it - located within the new telephone shop - just where I suspected it would be!