Manic Monday...

...wishin´it was Sunday....had a couple of paid jobs to do today, and guests arriving tomorrow for a couple of days  - they found us through the free classified ads on Costa Women, a really useful website for any of you here in Spain...and Ali who runs the site is so friendly - I found them on Twitter. Although I´m more of a mountain woman - believe me yes I am -  that seems to be okay!

All the gas has run out at once - as it does - so we´ll need to go and do that in a minute, for some reason I decided to throw together a fruit cake and make some energy bars for Josh - he announced at 6am this morning he was out of items for his `low box´ - being diabetic means carrying his lifeline of sugar around. Piles of weekend washing still to do,and just found out that as well as needing to go to Cadiar tomorrow morning we´re also expected to be there at 5pm for a teacher parent meeting...........aarrgh.   Did you hear that?  I can hear a cold beer calling me...


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