Just a minute....

Stan and Josh watching Liverpool FC on the laptop, bets on for the Grand National, Issey still in bed,  me inside the kitchen cupboards washing them out and discovering stuff we didn´t think we had - and stuff that would be better in a science lab.  A typical Saturday early afternoon in the our household.

Ring at the door:  Neighbour `A glass of wine with us, NOW.
                           Stan: But Liverpool....

It´s futile.... So I washed the bleach off my hands and pulled on some outside clothes,Stan huffed and puffed and we went for the one, maybe two at the most,  glasses.
Heh.  The party was in full swing, the Arroz on the bubble, wine poured,  full everyone-talking-at-one chat.
`Great you´re here, at last, sit down, EAT...

The celebration?  A terrible car crash 22 years ago,so a celebration on each anniversary that they came out the other side and are still here - what a great reason for a party!

The 2 of us ended up staying for more than 2 glasses, we ended the night in 2 venues watching 2 football matches and I think I had 2 heads this morning...but it´s Sunday - so the half cleaned kitchen will just have to wait...!


  1. Glad you life seems as crazy as mine ;)

    1. and to think we came here for the quiet life...!


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