It´s that time of year, I´ll tell you - Rio de Janeiro has nothing on Murtas!  While the rest of Spain dresses up and floats head down streets to cheering crowds - we have......nada.
 Until the other night, at least,  sitting in Bar Pinche having a natter when some visitors walked in.
 Let´s just say there were well oiled.
And dressed up too, hats, hair curlers, false nose warts - I think -  and wigs. They were joining us from Cordoba - here for a Matanza and decided to get merry afterwards.  A lovely group, really friendly and interested in Murtas - we need more visitors here to our little village - they were charmed by the traditional life here far from the madding costas, it really is the Real Spain!  
Come see for yourself - book Casa Duende for a few days in Spring and walk away your stress and.... relax!