Wow! And thank you!

5551162 hits so far on this website! Blimey!
A BIG New Year thanks to all who read regularly - I'm glad you enjoy reading my rambling from Spain - we're here nearly 6 years now and it feels like 6 months - but then again time does fly when you are enjoying yourself!

Lots has happened in that time - we made a business and lost it to La Crisis - we made friends for life and friends that came and went - but everything happens for a reason and all the right decisions have been made. Sometimes y'all gotta clear out the junk!

I discovered social networking and my world took off , with job offers and new virtual friends - some I hope to meet in the flesh in 2012.

So let's hope for a fantastic new year for EVERYONE.
Health first, then happiness, and a little wealth always goes a long way! 
Altogether now....¡Salud!