Sticking to my Gins

Well, that´s New Year over and done with, just Christmas all over again here in Spain for Three Kings still to come - the Spanish party gene is so strong!

So, New Year´s Eve we waited until 11:30pm to head out  - as we have learned from previous years the locals party late - and headed to the Bar first which was amazingly deserted...

-Beer? Asked Stan.
 - Nope G&T for me -( I had use up my tonic of course...and a little tapas.)

Wishing Antonio Happy New Year we headed to the village Plaza and the tent for the Uvas y Cava just as the clock struck midnight.  This year the committee spent more on champagne and less on fireworks - ideal, no?
However, Cava does give me a horrendous hangover, if I mix it so when I was passed a glass I passed it on to Stan Spongepants and requested another G&T instead. Have a beer, he coaxed - No way I insisted - I am sticking to Gin and Tonic - absolutely no beer for me tonight..

Off he went to the makeshift Bar and an old man of about 120 leaning on a stick stood to attention :

-¿Que quieres? - (what do you want?)
-una cerveza, y un Ginebra y tonica - (beer and a gin and tonic)
-y un Ginebra y...
-Ginebra y...
-No, espere....(nope, not a bloody clue - wait here a minute foreign idiot)

another dumb waiter.....

-y Ginebra y tonica

his wife...


Finally the out of town ex pharmacist clearly used to dealing with deaf foreigners

-Ginebra y tonica POR FAVOR
-Ah GinTonic - why didn´t you say??

Next round I had a beer...