Is your barrel half empty?

Despite it being noted this week that almost all of my posts contain reference to the Demon Drink - (Thanks David, love, Rach. x) you´ll just have to put up with another...

Bought a little grape crusher - not for inflicting pain on Stan  - and a barrel for making wine (from a local expat who has now absconded to sunnier climes and a better life - we wish him well.)....of course the wine never transpired, a dream of our own bodega.....that would involve work - and it languishes in our stable downstairs.

The stable is not for a horse, or even a mule - although the stray dog has taken up residence - and yesterday Stan heard some noise coming from there.

Opening the balcony doors he shouted down and out popped the head of a neighbour, followed by his body carrying the Barrel.

 - Just taking this - he shouted up.
 - Er - okay...for what? - asked Stan
 Neighbour makes his `Doh these guiris are really thick´ face
 - Well, it´s a wine Barrel
 - Uh huh
-Sooooooo - I want to put 20 litres of mine in it for you, a gift like.

 - oh - Cheers!

Reason # 1 million why we love it here ;)