A shining star

2 days to go da da da da da - and I have been mostly bad so shall expect nothing, hee hee.
Stan and I went for our 'usual' last night - we like an early beer when the bar is deserted, the owners son and wife are there and their little girl.
Previously Stan's No 1 fan, since I won the Hello Kitty pram and passed it over she has transferred all her attention to me, and she is such a little doll.
Not yet two  and a half she can count, knows her colours in English and her alphabet...a little bright star.

I was foxed into playing 'carro' again last night....plaintive calls of Carol, Carol - and worringly at one stage Mama - patiently explained  - er No, at one awful moment of `Abuela .....I guess I am technically old enough to be an Abuela but have no intentions for at least 20 yrs or so.  I wasn't exactly a child bride when I dragged the younger Stan up the aisle and was confirmed and labelled as a Mature Mother on the two occasions I gave birth - but thinking about it we seem to regress rather than grow old gracefully.  Other folk our age are, well, settled - and can sit and chat about  - cue Eastenders accent - Family.... or TV or The Weather. Or worse still, a sentence that starts with Back Home....

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.

We still like to work hard and party hard and this is the season - yahoo.

So, with good hope for my liver and legs, we shall start the festive season tonight - good friend and neighbour celebrates her birthday, so without looking at the calendar I guess today is Santa Rosario...

Off to wave a mop half heartedly at the house,make some Bloody Mary prawns for the party,  rouse the kids and do Christmassy stuff...

It's Friday! Throw down those tools and start the party!