Falling behind...

I seem to be falling behind a little on posts both for here and for Toptapas my foodie blog - between setting up a new e-commerce shop for a local producer of all things delicious, watch this space, writing for the nice folk over at Spain holiday, Stan's trips away, falling down houses and burst drains, finishing our local magazine for Christmas....blah blah.

Hey? Did I say Christmas? Finally got the tree up yesterday, another last minute dashy type job, but it looks great. Hard to believe it is nearly here at least until the sun goes down and the chill sets in.

Winter in Las Alpujarras means great views, all the way to the coast of Africa, clear sights of the Rif mountains, blue sea and crazy cloud formations. December seems to have it all - even a little heat in the daytime at least if you go out into the sun, where it's warmer than indoors!
I have a faint memory of central heating and the little whoosh of the gas as the dial was turned up, but it is only faint!
Anyway I don' t think we would swap the Alpujarras for Wet Wales or anywhere we have previously lived...

I won a prize recently, unfortunately it was a Hello Kitty pram! However, one little girl in the village was made up with glee when she unwrapped it - such a good feeling! Thanks to Littlewoods Direct for the prize, they deliver all the way here to Spain - and other countries - for a low delivery fee, no matter how much you order and are also tiptop with customer service - recommended. Follow them on Twitter too for great prizes like mine...or you can follow me if you want! I'm right here, just tweet! I'll answer back..

I shall get another post or two in before Christmas, Baileys in hand of course....until then, have a great week all and enjoy the Gift shopping, wherever you are!