A tale of corruption

No not the latest election results, although I am sure there were plenty of shenanigans attached there, hmm?
We have had a few things a happenin´ here in Murtas lately - one of which was a large rumble last week around 7am causing Isobel and I to stop our breakfast/lunchmaking/finding-the-other-sock shouting routine and look at each other...
Did you hear that?
We asked Stan and Josh.

 Deaf and Deafer shook their heads in unison, nope.

As we are located on a fault line here in Murtas - strangely the Estate Agent never mentioned it at the time - we had cause to be worried.
Later that day Stan wandered onto the roof to adjust the chimney from the Estufa and glancing behind him noticed casually that the (abandoned) house next to us was, well, gone...
It had - or part of it had - collapsed that morning into itself which was the ´earthquake´ Issey and I had witnessed.

Luckily it is owned by the nice neighbour next door so we casually asked him to come and look  - as you do.  With a laugh and a shrug he declared it banjaxed but as it is holding our house upright he agreed to fix it immediately and give Stan some work into the bargain as part of the gang....all good.

Wandering around the rest of the house with him Stan spotted some possible antiques in the form of a bottle and an old tin can and with permission took  them home and we cleaned them up.

The tin is a gallon can of what once contained Soy Bean oil - 2 hands joined together over the stars and stripes of the USA  with the inscription Donated by the people of the United States of America - not to be sold or exchanged.
Intrigued I headed to the Internet and looked it up to find a tale of an Italian Mafioso....read on for the story of Tino de Angelis and how his lucrative deals ended up with a tin of Soy bean oil in Murtas! Click here for the details...