Snow Sun and begorrah...a Saint!

People often ask what the weather is like here in winter, usually when enquiring about our lovely house to let Casa Duende and we do admit that it´s cold!  Cold enough to snuggle up in front of the wood burner at night, to ski,  but nice enough in the daytime sunshine to wear a t shirt and after all we are only 30 mins from the coast....

This morning we set off for a bit of shopping and lunch in nearby Motril - as we drove up the road the snow was glistening on the Sierra Nevada - luckily I remembered the camera!
It´s stunning, isn´t it?

The vines are all a russet red at the moment, and neighbours are still busy knocking Almonds...

As we passed Melicena on the Costa Tropical - I remembered the PeƱon de San Patricio, so on the way back we stopped in the sunshine and took a few pics - it´s St Patrick´s Rock - legend has it where he landed up when he came to Europe, I guess on his holidays, you see we Irish really do get everywhere!

There was a little shrine at the bottom - I´d say a few prayers have been said there over the years for local fishermen, and a boat was grounde at the top near the road - although I can´t be sure it was Paddys Boat, wouldn´t that be green?! ;)

Anyway, just look at that blue sea - and just think, it´s Christmas next month - -how lucky are we?

Stop gnashing your teeth....