My little My Pure parcel...

...arrived again last month, a little bit of cheer in an otherwise funny old month.  You start to realise those lazy hazy days of Summer are finally over, not quite Jack Frost but for sure a little cold creeping in to our Andalucian house and thoughts of gathering wood and evenings in front of the fire.

But also I tend to think of having people around to the house more than going out, once the Estufa (log burner) is blazing away then it´s time to think of winter recipes life big stews and hot chillis, homemade bread and mulled wine.

And let´ s not forget our skin in Winter. All too easy to wrap up in layers and leave the legs unshaven but a lack of moisturizer in Winter will devastate your skin come Springtime...the face is the most open area, uncovered against sharp winds, frosty days and harsh weather.  The most delicate part is the eye area, I´m not a great make up wearer but I do lash on the old eye cream - and with the lack of sun protection cream in winter they need it more now..
With this in mind I ordered an eye cream and a lip balm - armed with both I can plan long walks with the dogs, mushroom foraging and general party shenanigans for the Winter!

What did I choose this time?

Both products from the Alva Sandorn range, I love it....

Those eyes, first up it was the Alva Sanddorn Eye Cream at 18.45 GBP for 15ml.

Not really expensive, as a tiny amount is pumped out each time, and that is all you need.
Contains, believe it or not, Tapioca - yes Granny´s Pud! - which acts as a filler for those fine lines, and it brightens dark circles and feels just so smooth too!
Loved it! The after effects were long lasting and worth it - also worth mentioning it that it´s unscented, to prevent any natural oils normally used in fragrance from affecting the eye area. Fab product - go buy!

Secondly, lips.  Too easily looked over, but lipstick, if you wear it - I don´t - can be drying...
A quick sweep of the Ava lip balm prevents chapped lips and soothes dry skin, contains my favourite ingredients Shea Butter and Sea Buckthorn Oil - just 5.15 GBP for a 4g stick - handy for the ski slopes, dog walking, shopping around town...ideal.
Another 2 great products from a wonderful company - what about a look over their great site fro some Christmas Presents? Hint or what?!!
 Just boil that kettle and settle down in front of the My Pure site and start your gift shopping off now!