recipe for success?

Well, what do you think? Have you lived here a while? Do you mix, or are you an expat who goes home for Doctor, hairdresser and Bisto? Hmm?

Lots of times, I hear, I just can't do it.....learn the lingo that is...It's just too difficult.

Yep, it is. It takes time, effort, patience, pretending to be deaf - can you repeat that please - and going to the opening of an envelope.

I have dragged on my outdoor clothes in the middle of winter and succumbed to the order of the Bodega, attended 2 communions simultaneously - not a mean feat - called my Spanish neighbours when in trouble and generally fitted in to my little village.

Can't do it? Ha - rubbish.

Can you read?
Okay then, it's like saying - I can't cook.

I ask again - can you read? Then drag out that recipe book - if you follow it then you can read.And cook.

Spanish - or whatever language - is merely a recipe.

A gathering of ingredients - words.
A dash of verbs - a sprinkle of adjectives and well known phrases - I have got through an entire night of Claro, Sí, Vale...
But be might end up signing up to teaching English, having the village around for lunch, or agreeing to......what? me? eeek......