My Pure Review

I have been putting this one off!

When I agreed to test and review the products from My Pure I intended to be honest and completely true about their results, and so far I have loved every single one. The company is dedicated to supplying beauty products that are organic, free from animal testing and packed with pure and natural ingredients - a winner on every level for me.

I was not blessed with lovely Irish hair - when you think of an Irish Colleen you might imagine lustrous locks, tresses of fiery red or ebony black, naturally coiled into springy ringlets. Er, no.

Years of mis-spent youth on beaches and grimy cities, experimenting with every colour under the rainbow, now years of bleaching and more sunshine of AndalucĂ­a have collaborated to produce the inside of a Crunchie with the style of a surfer - and that's after I have styled look at me first thing in the morning is enough to base a horror film on.

So, I like nice shampoo and conditioner, a must have for me...
This month I chose Living Nature shampoo and the matching conditioner, pictured and retailing at 14.99 GBP each - probably a little more than I would normally be willing to pay for hair products, but always worth it if they can calm down the bleached barnet.

Jojoba, wheatgerm oil, protection against the UVA rays that we are not in short supply of over here in Spain.

I hated them.

Can you read that?!
The shampoo felt as though I wanted to wash it out again, there was some sort of coating I just did not like, and no lather, but I guess if it's sulphate free that's ok.
The conditioner looks and feels more like a face cream or moisturiser...?! Thick and creamy and again did nothing for me. I persevered and dried and style my hair but it looked as though I had just been frying chips.
However, God loves a trier so I passed them round to the rest of the family and I hate to say we all felt the same.
My neighbour is next to get the treatment and I promise that if it's a favourable report then I shall amend this review to suit.....but, not for me....sorry! :(