culture vultures?

Excuse me, there may be some screaming whilst I pull my hair out in chunks....

For about a year now, a few of us have been trying to set up a Cultural society here in our village. We produce a quarterly newsletter and distribute it within the village, the aim is to share a little cultural awareness, given the rich history of the area - local and national - the fact that the origins of traditional music are born here, the local award winning wines and confectionery and all the rest of it. But it seems to be small in number, so yesterday we had a meeting, Reunion, with all invited...

A bakers dozen or so showed up - and literally - as most had made a cake or two or brought meringues (Murtas is famous for meringues and you will spot the La MurteƱa and El Mirto labels at the airport).

So, culture wasn't mentioned, much discussion was made about cake making, God- sorry I mean the local priest -called a meeting at the same time, and in short it was a waste of 3 hrs or so. But I now know I can use Tigre sachets - cheap as chips - in cake making instead of baking powder - expensive.

Disbanding for the evening, and probably for the near future, I came home a little deflated to find Isobel waving me over to my laptop and the sofa.
Pouring a G&T I sat down to find a kid from her nursery class in Newport peering directly up my nose and gazing at my double chin(s)...

I hate webcams.

But thank you Lord, and Carole and Peter for Portsmouth Gin. And cakes.