Fun and Fireworks!

Fiesta de San Miguel rolled around again this weekend - the time zips by here in Murtas...and our sleepy village was transformed into partyville!
Our good friends Carole, Pete and Gary arrived just in the nick of time, a quick Spanish lesson on Thursday - they're helping to 'big up' the numbers of our class so that we don't lose it - then drinks at Bar Atalyón as it was their first time to see it since it opened in the Summer.

Saturday brought a seafood lunch invite by our friends down the street, the starting pistol went off at 1:30pm, tables in the street gradually added to as more guests arrived.
Shellfish, Pulpo in ink, whole sardines, all with a splash of oil and a sprinkle of salt, a squeeze of lemon. Jamón carved, cheese sliced, chairs added.
Add some strong sunshine, stronger sangría, cold beers - the fridge was brought out too - and great company.
We chatted, sang, ate and drank until it was time for the kids games in the plaza, Cucañas and more fun. Back to the party, then on to the tent for live dancing and then to Bar Pinche and then on to the disco....more dancing and before we know it it was 3am...time to hit the bed and let the kids get on with it, Josh rolled in at 6:30am...what a looooong lunch that was....!!
A firework was the alarm clock yesterday - I thought I had been shot! A quick shower and a quick re-arranging of the Doris Day barnet I always wake up with - and off again.

*Thank you God for giving me stamina, and a strong liver.

Plaza de Mercado for Paella and vino de la Tierra - and the best brass band, New Orleans meets Shakira meets Pasa doble style!

They sang, they danced they played all day.
We sang, we danced, we drank all day...

No 1 daughter Isobel and her group dressed up and put on a show for us with the castanets, we arranged a darts competition at the bar, and a dancing flamenco troupe played out the end of the shenanigans for another year!

Carole Roberts shot some video footage - be warned - will post some up after careful editing!