Even the men are treated to My Pure goodies!

See? I'm not at all selfish...even I can be generous and occasionally treat the 2 blokes in my life.

Reviewing this month for My Pure and as you know I get to choose something lovely to try out.
Looking at Stan and Josh I had a wee stab of consciousness remembering they never get anything nice...so I decided to order up for them to share some Alva shower gel and there was also a Caffeine shampoo in the pack for Stan. Retailing at 8.75 and 10.75 GBP respectively we expected something nice for the money...

Not like being left out, I also indulged in a little lip service for myself with a tube of lip gloss from Alva which retails at 7.85...it's organic and I think a good price.
It's smooth, non sticky but leaves a protective film, I loved it especially with the strong sunshine we get here, a definite will- buy- again. Comes in 2 shades at the price, but I chose the Peach for a natural look...
The boys loved the Gel - it left a lingering masculine smell with deep citrus notes, as good as an aftershave! You may have seen different Caffeine shampoos on the TV recently, it's the latest thing and also helps to thicken and strengthen hair...whatever it actually does Stan loved it and his long barnet is now silky soft...

Okay, that's enough with the spoiling - can' t be doing with all that generosity, my turn next!

If you fancy taking your turn, browse the My Pure website today and treat yourself to some Organic, healthy goodies, you'll be delighted that you did!