Chairman Miaow

Puzzle: How did the white wine end up all over me?

So....UD Almeria only drew 2-2 against Girona last night, a lucky equalizer for Girona in injury time, we departed Bar Atalyón and went home a bit deflated. Deciding to sit in the courtyard for a bit, I totally forgot about the mangled Pidgeon I ignored earlier...blasted cats.

But I guess if I could choose I'd rather a Pidgeon than a that a bit Mengele-like selection process? Oh dear...perhaps I should take the All God's creatures approach...

Anyway, I put out 2 chairs - taken in out of the rain the night before - and Stan binned the offending bird. (The de- feathered kind, not me.)

I went to get the corkscrew, we re-entered the courtyard to find Trixie the most spoiled and smallest dog on the planet (think Littlest Pet Shop - how the hell did I allow my daughter to have toys with that name?) on his chair.
He removed her, she bounced back...after a few rounds of dog tennis, he relented and got another chair - for himself, she insisted on her first chair of choice.

So 3 chairs.

I left temporarily and returned to find the Murderous cat on my chair. Lifted her off, got stabbed by her set of sharp knives, put her down - turned around and she was back. Got another chair.

4 chairs.

Discovered 4th chair was damp, neither the cat nor I wanted it, the dog refused point blank, so I was reduced to sitting in the sun lounger, in the dark. Not conducive to sipping wine from a narrow flute glass.
Murderous crossed eyed cat nº2 decided to sit on me.

I went downstairs to watch re run of " The next Z list 'celeb' Factor" , or was it "Britain's got No Talent"or whatever......I don't know...