August madness...

So much for this being the month to relax!
Andalucía appears to be the party province this month as the hot sun acts as backdrop for one fiesta after another. Village fiestas, music festivals and returning family all compete and jostle for space and our village of Murtas for once is nicely overcrowded!

Our normally deserted little streets fill up with local loud cousins from Barcelona and Madrid, the bars fling out some outside seating, music fills the air and the steady rhythm of chat and laughter are as constant as the vuvuzuela-like cicadas....friends, family, kids playing outside until all hours, great food and cold beer - a perfect combo!

This August, we had a booking from a lovely Irish family who enjoyed both the village and La Alpujarra immensely - we shall be sorry to bid them goodbye this weekend as they make their way to the coast for a couple of nights, we won't say adios just hasta luego...

Also we have my brother and family visiting - we don't see each other as often as we should and it's always great to catch up. Not so great to see Luke growing so fast!

Isobel played a part in the village group during the Traditional Music Festival set this year in Bayárcal. Out of 24 villages of the Alpujarras they managed a first place!
Castanets clacking, mandolins, guitars and violins - with singing and dancing made our little group the winners...well done to Isobel and Murtas! Olé!

All in all it has been a great month, lots of work for Stan and more writing for me, surrounded by the best of people, lots of socialising, more good memories made to add to the book of our perfect lifestyle...we are so lucky to have the opportunity to live here.

Our wonderful rental house Casa Duende is free again from the 25th August - a week works out at less than €11 per person per night based on 4 sharing spacious accommodation, comfortable beds, and a chance to join in. Beat the recession and relax with us!

The air is currently filled with the heady scent of figs ripening, pomegranates are turning russet red on the trees, vines are heavy with sweet grapes,crickets compete in their own music festival nightly, and the moon really is an orange balloon at the end of hot days as Summer slowly makes way for the leaf change of Autumn.

Hey, the fiesta of San Miguel is just next month, celebrated on the 25th September - have a look at some cheap flights and raise a glass or twenty with us then!