Shea is the new Black!

Well, it is! These are some of the delicious contents from my box of goodies from My Pure this week.
The shampoo came with an extra free gift of moisturizing oil and together made up a luxurious hair treatment fit for the salon!

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The rays of the sun here in AndalucĂ­a combined with sea water and chlorine, plus the fact I am a walking bottle of bleach, ensure that mostly I look like I have the inside of a Crunchie bar on my head.

So, to counteract that attractive look, I regularly wash, condition and treat before I go...anywhere.

The shampoo smelled fantastic, was creamy and light at the same time, and rinsed well.

Followed by the oil, applied sparingly, just a little rubbed through the palms and then applied to the ends, before blow drying meant I had a shiny soft barnet to go out in. I left a little of the oil in without drying whilst at the beach last week and it was a great preventative measure against the usual damage of sun and sand.

Also, with the sun in mind, I ordered some 3o SPF lotion. From Lovea, totally chemical free.

High UVA protection is high on my agenda. A tan is fab, but safely does it, I live here and am fully aware of the damage, and aging effects of the sun.

Light, easy clog free spray, nice smell, and a kind balsamic effect on the skin..... all I need now is George Clooney to reach that bit....there, below the shoulder....thanks George...;)